Contaminated Waste

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YES we deal with the messy stuff
Asbestos        METH  (Methamphet­amine)          Lead contamination

Discount Bins deal with major decontamination companies and are licensed to carry and dispose this material.

In many cases these situations are sensitive and the waste needs to be disposed of quickly with minimum disruption.

Please Don't hesitate to call us for help with this type of waste material.



  • What size bin do I need?
  • What forms of payment do you accept and who do
    I pay?
  • How long can I have the bin?
  • How high can I fill the bin?
  • Do you have excess weight charges on your bins?




Hi Heath

Got some good feedback from our sites. Discount Bins are easy to deal with. Drivers are very helpful. When there is a need to move a bin, your driver just turns up in time and removes it. It means a lot to the site manager.

Thank you and keep up the good work

Frank Song

Quantity Surveyor

Stonewood Homes Northern Ltd